Legal and Judicial Support

The services of HAGURUKA are decentralized as follows: NYANZA Centre in South, MUSANZE Centre in North, KAYONZA Centre in East, KIGALI Centre in Kigali City and NYAMASHEKE Centre in West. The national headquarters is located at Kimironko at Kigali City, Gasabo District Plot KG 11, and Av 95.

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HAGURUKA NGO Kigali Offices

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HAGURUKA NGO Office in Nyamasheke
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Haguruka NGO Nyanza Offices

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Haguruka NGO Musanze Offices

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Kayonza Offices

HAGURUKA is using holistic approach in the context of providing full services to the GBV victims: Legal and Psychosocial support.
All Haguruka Centers have lawyers and Counselors who are always there at working hours from 8h00 - 17h00 (From Monday to Friday).They provide assistance to women and children whose rights are violated.

1. Legal services are offered:

-  Orientation and legal advice
-  Formulation of the Legal briefs: when the case is to be taken before courts.
-  Judicial Assistance when the case seems to be complicated and the beneficiary is vulnerable; Haguruka decides to give her a lawyer in order to be legally represented in the court.
-  Advocacy & Accompaniment, when the beneficiary is unable to explain her case well, or when she can not show injustice done to her, either before local authorities, in courts, and elsewhere. In this case, the beneficiary is accompanied by a lawyer in the appropriate institutions for more clarification and make advocacy.
-  Mediation: There is a time when the case brought by beneficiary could be solved amicably with the one who are in conflict. Haguruka invites them for mediion

-  Community sensitization on different laws: