Anti GBV

In its efforts to eradicate GBV; HAGURUKA in partnership with CARE International in Rwanda is implementing the project called UMUGORE ARUMVWA. This project has the purpose to support and ensure the implementation of international commitments to end Gender Based Violence (GBV) as ratified by the Government of Rwanda through strengthening the voice of citizens and the accountability of responsible authorities in preventing GBV in GAKENKE District.


-  522 duty bearers /service providers were trained on the existing legal framework for combating GBV and upholding women’s rights, GBV prevention and response, GBV referral and M&E system. This was done from district level to village level where all concerned local authorities and stakeholder were trained on the above concepts of fighting against GBV in Gakenke District.

-  To strengthen the voice of citizens and civil society networks and accountability of responsible authorities in preventing sexual and Gender Based Violence Haguruka trained 124 community animators in the implementation of the community score card methodology for GBV related services.

-  192 community leaders were trained on laws and rights related to GBV and on advocacy including through providing simplified clear and adapted tools.

-  Community score card approach has been introduced as a core of project in reducing the number of GBV in Gakenke.
Community score card is a tool that is used to evaluate the GBV services given to community by service providers. This is carried out by HAGURUKA’s community animators together with cluster representatives selected by community members during their first meetings.
Such steps include:
• First meeting to introduce the community score card process and service domain
• Meeting of cluster representatives to develop indicators
• Input tracking step by selected cluster representatives together with community animators
• Validation of indicators
• Service providers undertake their scores based on identified indicators
• Interface meeting
Community meeting
Community scoring
Validation of indicators

-  Media days were organized on progress of the implementation of international commitments to end GBV.
Media day specific objectives were:
-  Evaluate the knowledge gained by duty bearers and service providers on international commitments and gender based violence

At media day, haguruka’s representatives and District guest of honor.