Land dispute management

In collaboration with the National Women’s Council, LANDESA and Search For Common Ground(SFCG),HAGURUKA N.G.O. is implementing in Kayonza and Nyagatare Districts of the Eastern Province the project funded by USAID entitled " Promoting Peace: Mitigating and Managing Intra-household Property Rights Disputes in Rwanda" .

The overarching goal of the project is to facilitate participatory and inclusive property rights dispute management in Rwanda’s Eastern Province.

Key dates and milestones:
Activity 1: October 2013: Land dispute mapping exercise in Eastern province has been done: The purpose of this activity is to understand the barriers, opportunities, institutions, and mechanisms available to reduce land disputes and land-related conflict through a review of the existing literature and participatory community research.
Activity 2: May 2014: Build local capacity to facilitate land dispute resolution: The purpose of this activity is to build the capacity of local organizations and institutions to facilitate land dispute resolution by increasing the accessibility of land dispute mechanisms and the available legal information on land rights.

Activity 3: From May 2014:Facilitate the resolution of land dispute using the CRPs model: The purpose of this activity is to improve the effectiveness of land dispute resolution by using Sector- and Cell-level CRPs (Community Resource Persons) to increase community awareness of relevant laws and land dispute resolution institutions. This activity is qualified as the main activity of the Project and is divided into various sub-activities

Activity 4: Mitigate potential land-related disputes and reach key audiences through community dialogues and radio programming

The purpose of this activity is to mitigate land disputes by providing a safe space for communities to discuss land issues and collaboratively seek solutions to problems that arise, while also reaching broad audiences with key messaging through radio programming.

Activity 5: Promote responsive policies and institutions

The purpose of this activity is to improve the legal and institutional framework for land rights by making the framework more responsive and participatory.

Activity 6: Compile lessons learned by analyzing program activities, data, and results to inform land policy in Rwanda

The purpose of this activity is to derive lessons learned and best practices from the Promoting Peace project, and to evaluate the impacts of Community Dialogues and the facilitation of land dispute management on preventing and mitigating land-related disputes for future programming and land policy development.