Psychosocial service

First of all, a new beneficiary has to be received by a counsellor, who will listen attentively and actively to their problem. After making a record of necessary information (including the beneficiary’s identification and problems), the beneficiary will be directed either to the Haguruka staff in charge of providing legal aid (lawyers) or elsewhere, according to the beneficiary’s problem.

Most of Haguruka’s beneficiaries have experienced GBV. Some of them are traumatized. Therefore, all beneficiaries are provided brief counselling, which comprises of one session of counseling which has the aim of decreasing distress.

If a serious psychological problem is found, the beneficiary is given an appointment for counselling. Complicated cases receive repeat sessions of counseling and psychotherapy, where a counselor will try to help a beneficiary to find a solution to his/her problem or situation.

Counselors also have the role of accompanying beneficiaries, and referring GBV victims to the appropriate other institutions.

Psychosocial service is also responsible for following up on activities carried out by seven hospitals (Rwamagana, Kibuye, Kibagabaga, Ruhengeri, Gihundwe, Kabgayi and CHUB) in partnership with Haguruka to provide medical care for GBV victims. After medical treatment, the beneficiary is oriented to Haguruka to be assisted legally and psychologically.