Training of Primary court judges from Eastern Province

In partnership with the USAID/Land Project, HAGURUKA a National NGO that defend woman and child’s right has conducted a research entitled “REVIEW AND ANALYSIS OF PRIMARY COURT JUDGEMENTS AND MAJ LEGAL GUIDANCE RELATED TO WOMEN’S PROPERTY RIGHTS AND LAND RIGHTS IN RWANDA”. This research concerned 200 courts judgments from 15 primary courts in the whole country for the period between 2009 and 2014 and 30 MAJ’s legal guidance selected in 5 districts.

One of the outcomes of this research was to train Judges from Primary Courts due to the gaps identified by the research; it is in this context that on the date of 21st and 22nd April 2016 at Rwamagana in DEREVA Hotel held the training of 22 judges of Primary Courts from Eastern province.

This training was based on the assessment conducted by Haguruka and LAND PROJECT that examined the extent to which Primary Courts in Rwanda understand and apply the existing legal provisions protecting and promoting women and children rights in cases related to divorce, inheritance and succession and land. The main objective was to “Strengthen the capacity of the Primary Court judges on gendered legal framework applied to land issues” after identifying various gaps into their decisions.

As the training was for two days, on the first day Primary Courts judges were trained on gendered legal framework, more particularly those related to land, property, succession, inheritance, and divorce. On the second day they were trained on how to incorporate in their judgments writing (using the Supreme Court Judgment Writing Manual) issues related to land, property, succession, inheritance, and divorce.

The training was also attended by the Inspector General of Courts himself, which makes the training to be extremely valuable and extraordinary, because he used to facilitate and intervene during the training session and help to make clear and understandable what was discussed by the trainees and the trainer, as well as the Deputy register of Land in Eastern Province made the successful training through the explanations about land issues.

In his speech the Inspector general of Courts in the Supreme Court thanked HAGURUKA and Land Project for their contribution in justice sector, and particularly for the good research and asked Haguruka to use the same methodology and materials to lead trainings for all Primary Court judges in the whole country.