25 years of imprisonment due to defilement

The man had been imprisoned for a long period without having a trial and he knew that he was accused of defilement at the time of the trial. Instead of being brought to the place where the crime was committed (the scene of crime) so that people could testify against offense committed, they took him to the former Nyamyumba District (contrary to Kayove, where the crime was committed) and sentenced him to 25 years of imprisonment - together with a fine equal to two millions and five hundred thousand Rwandan francs.

One day a member from HAGURUKA came to Kayove for the public dialogue and met his wife. She told a staff from HAGURUKA about the injustice that was done to her husband, after telling him the whole story they decided to come to Gisenyi where her husband was imprisoned. HAGURUKA started the assistance from the former appellate court of Ruhengeri, and later on they found out that the file was transferred to Rusizi.

HAGURUKA provided him with a lawyer who assisted him considerably. The accused tried to explain to the lawyer by providing evidence that there was someone behind the curtain who contributed to his imprisonment by using money as he wanted him to die in prison. Finally, he and his lawyer agreed on the idea of having a DNA test. HAGURUKA did not cease to help him until the results of DNA test showed that he was innocent. Basing on the DNA test results, the court decided to acquit him, and now he is working as a teacher at the Primary School of syiki where he used to work before being imprisoned

In the end, he saluted the effort made by HAGURUKA for what they did for him. Before, he had thought that he was going to serve the sentence since his family could not have had the possibility to afford the lawyer’s fees.